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Simple Tips For Boosting The Immune System

  1. Keep warm. This is vitally important to the elderly … Support your elderly family members and neighbours .
  2. Just because it's cold don't be tempted to stock up on sugar - This will only reduce your immune system! The NHS stated this year that sugar is responsible for some cancers, diabetes and heart disease so please take this seriously… Protein snacks will stave cravings and replace the white carbohydrates with brown.
  3. Look at nutrient dense, unprocessed, fermented and chemical free fresh foods and broths for you and your family … Buy organic meat and dairy products at least if you can and make leafy green vegetables a priority.
  4. Did you know that some foods, minerals and herbs have great anti viral or anti bacterial properties … Stock up with onion, garlic, lemons, elderberry, zinc, cinnamon, echinacea, oregano, olive leaf, and much more, especially in winter.
  5. Don’t forget to hydrate – every cell in your body needs clean water to work well. …Clean water helps maintain our health and aids recovery when we are unwell.
  6. Wash your hands more and touch your face less. No need to use antibacterial products as warm soapy water will do the trick… Avoid crowds if your baby is poorly, as resting at home is important, otherwise don’t fear the outside as evidence shows social people have less infections!
  7. During the winter the sunshine is not at the right angle to produce much Vit D and I’m sure you know about daily Vitamin C… You will need more Vitamin D foods (oily fish or mushrooms) or a good supplement (Vit D3 with K2)
  8. Laughter, music and meditation reduces cortisol (stress) so in turn boosts our immune system ….Laugh and sing with your baby and make time for you.
  9. Exercise, even moderate, will boost your immune system. The effects are even better if you are outside with increased oxygen and fresh air…. See if there is a mum and baby class in your local park.
  10. The inside air is more toxic than the outside main road say the EPA due to household cleaners, furnishings and paints … Reduce chemical products in the home, clean the air with plants and open the windows for a while even on a cold day.
  11. Keep up with breastfeeding if you can, as when you meet an antigen you will make antibodies to it within 40 minutes ready for the next feed and hospitalisations are greatly reduced… Ask for support as soon as possible from the NCT, ABM or La Leche League who offer face to face drop in sessions or free telephone consultations.
  12. Focus on extra sleep for winter as your hormones are regulated and your body repairs overnight …If your sleep is interrupted at night then try a nap after lunch and if you still feel severely exhausted consider your thyroid or iron levels.
  13. Teething and colds can increase mucous and make it hard for baby to breathe … Chop a white onion in the room and avoid mucous forming foods like dairy and bananas, and if your child has asthma look for a local salt cave to support naturally.
  14. Read all package inserts for food, medicine and vaccines, as not all ingredients will boost your natural immune system and some may cause ill health… Be vigilant and informed about all products.
  15. Use the precautionary principle … Avoid GMOs in food and vaccines (Fluenze and Gardasil) as there is no long term evidence that it is safe.
  16. Whenever you or your children are sick let them rest … Limit time in front of the TV and electronic gadgets.
  17. Learn about the benefits of fevers and how to manage them well… Consider taking an on line course
  18. Probiotics are recommended when unwell, stressed or during and after antibiotic use and fermented foods will maintain gut and immune health… If you are breastfeeding it is best to take supplements yourself so they are more available to your baby, if not then look for versions suitable for under 1 year olds.
  19. Consider seeing a homeopath, nutritionist, naturopath or other natural health practitioner for family health information and treatment… Alongside other medical care, complementary medicine can be a effective and safe immune support.
  20. Reduce EMFs in the home .. Turn the wifi off at night or hard wire your computer, turn phones to Airplane mode, use eco dect phones, and avoid metal beds.

Submitted from Members of Arnica, Dec 2015

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